Gus Malzahn, the Right Choice to be Auburn’s Head Coach

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                       New Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn greets Auburn fans at Auburn Airport

It’s a new day,” said new Auburn Football Coach Gus Malzahn. “My goal is to get Auburn back to a championship level. Two years ago we won a championship. The expectation at Auburn is to win championships. We are going to do everything in our power to get that done.”

It was that attitude probably more than any other that convinced the Auburn Search Committee to unanimously recommend Arthur Gusatvius Malzah III as the 26th Head Football Coach for Auburn University.

Committee member Bo Jackson said it was, “The passion with which he answered questions The gleam in his eye. The tenacity, and the way he explained the things he wanted to do here.”

“In some way, to come into a hornet’s nest like this, and say, hey, my job is to rebuild this program, to get these kids back to the winning ways Auburn fans are used to, that says a lot,” Jackson said.

Nevertheless, there are some fans disappointed this morning. That’s understandable. Many had wanted a bigger name coach. The committee reached out to several of those types but the overtures were not reciprocated and so, of the coaches that were interested, Malzahn was the overwhelming favorite of the committee. 

He may not have been the committee’s first choice but in the end he may have been the right choice. He is a noted for being a stickler for details, a hard worker, a great recruiter, and an offensive guru.

Still there were many Auburn fans that had Gus as their first choice. Malzahn was the favorite in  separate polls done by Track ‘Em Tigers and the Opelika Auburn News.

For those who felt under whelmed, this coach comes to Auburn in an entirely different manner than the last one did.

Gene Chizik was the exclusive hire of Athletic Director, Jay Jacobs, whereas this coach was recommended by a committee of three men besides Jacobs.

Although Chizik had an impressive resume as a top assistant, his head coaching experience was a dismal; 5-19 at Iowa State.  Contrast that with the record of Gus” Malzahn who has been a winner at every stop in his career:

* He was a nationally recognized …

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