Should UGA hire Trooper Taylor to get 5-star LB Reuben Foster?

Should UGA hire Trooper Taylor to land 5-star linebacker Reuben Foster?

Trooper Taylor (left) famously Trooper Taylor (left) famously “chest-bumped” President Obama when Auburn visited the White House (AP)

Foster floated that idea on Tuesday to ESPN’s Kipp Adams:

“I would say Georgia’s chances of getting me are somewhat dependent on Trooper Taylor being there too,” Foster said. “He told me that he did not want to cause me to change where I want to be because of him, but I told him not to worry about that.”

Trooper Taylor is the assistant who lured Foster to Auburn this past year. His future with Auburn is unknown after Tuesday’s hiring of Gus Malzahn as head coach.

Trooper has become a father figure and mentor to Foster, who transferred from Troup High School to Alabama’s Auburn High School for his senior year. Trooper basically has unlimited access to Foster – perfectly legal under NCAA rules – because his son plays on the same high school football team with Reuben, and they’re close friends.

Foster …

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